Crossfit South Surrey, formerly CC Trainers performance and rehab centre, is still a human performance and rehabilitation centre. What’s truly different about our crossfit box is it caters 95% to the average recreation population. This being the person wanting to get in the best shape of their lives with no injuries and not compete on a larger scale, only with themselves. Crossfit South Surrey is a wildly valuable, inexpensive solution to personal training instead of a really expensive “gym” memberships where pay and don’t go.

WE ARE A REHAB CROSSFIT FACILITY THAT DOES NOT CATER TO THE SERIOUS COMPETITOR, WE MAKE THEM and if you have eyes on the games and competing in a more competitive environment you will have a huge community supporting your efforts, however you will be advised to seek out another competitive facility, one which specializes in getting you game ready and with other like minded athletes.

We offer advanced lifting courses and classes which brings a competitive environment, but the competitor is yourself. We participate in the open and have a friendly competition once a year, but that is the extend of our competing. If you have eyes on the games and competing you will have a huge community supporting your efforts, however you will be advised to seek out another competitive facility who specializing in getting you game ready and with other like minded athletes.

We specialize in one-on-one personal training, group classes for all ages, nutritional consulting and rehabilitation services all under one roof. We have in-house certified personal trainers, National Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Kinesiologists, two physiotherapist and an RMT, please book online at, and most of our coaches have all been trained extensively by gold and bronze medalist Christine Girard, which equal years of knowledge. Not to mention all have a very high level of learning outside being a crossfit level 1 coach. RMT, naturopathic Doctor and Nurse to mention a few. At CFSS a level 1 coach is not a coach. 

This Facility is for the most awkward of exercisers who may lack self confidence or the older/younger athlete who may have had prior injuries who still want to be pushed to their true potential.  Finding peoples weaknesses and showing them what they can do without aster-bating new injuries, instead of what they cant do, goes a long way to health and wellness, physically and mentally.

I have worked extremely hard to make this fitness model for the Crossfit Community as I feel there is lots of room for improvement.

Come give us a try!

Over the past 25 years, we’ve seen our share of injuries and complaints from clients and members:

1. Pushed too hard
2. Uneducated coaches, usually prior crossfitters with a 2 day course certification!
3. Doing Olympic lifts and workouts to fast and sloppy
4. Too much weight too soon, causing herniated discs and muscle tears – pushing RX’s weights
5. Improper form when lifting, BUTT WINK, DOUBLE WINKS, ROUNDER SHOULDERS, during lifting and cardio
6. Insufficient warm-up or none at all
7. Overuse injuries from repetition
8. Not using unilateral moves – all Crossfit moves are mainly on the sagittal plane.
9. Working only the big muscle group not the synergist – which are the smaller muscle under the big ones that help the big guys.
10. Poor biomechanics, mainly due to improper stretching, posture and severe tightness – but lift too much anyway
11. They don’t feel like they fit in, this is a big one!
12. Watch YouTube and say there is no way I can do that!

Crossfit South Surrey addresses all these above issues and caters to the average person, coming in to meet other like minded people and have a positive experience – fully assessed, and guided in nutrition, fat loss, learning lifts and having fun with crossfit wods but don’t want to compete on a larger scale.