Carolyn Collins is the owner and operator of CrossFit South Surrey, formerly known as, CCTRAINERS performance and rehabilitation centre. She has over 25 years of experience in the fitness business and has seen her share of what works and what doesn’t. Carolyn values education and knows taking a 2 day Crossfit course does not even come close to the knowledge you need to train others. Having a crossfit level 1 certification does not make you a coach. Winning competitions and being in great shape does not override the years of education and experience one needs to help others. Carolyn’s motto stands to be, “Do No Harm”. That is why Carolyn has created the philosophy behind Crossfit South Surrey, to get the average person into the best shape of their lives and not get injured doing it. Carolyn has a team of right minded professional working at CFSS, two Physiotherapist and an RMT who work as a team for the members. Crossfit South Surrey is dedicated to help other achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals in an environment where competition does not exist except with themselves.

Carolyn is a National Strength and Conditioning Coach-NSCA Level 1 and Level 2, Crossfit Kids and Movement and Mobility Coach, Sports Performance Specialist, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant and specializes in stretch therapy, trigger release and PNF.  Carolyn has been mentored and worked alongside the gold medalist Christine Girard for 5 years and enjoys the benefit of learning Olympic lifts from a master.

Carolyn is passionate about working with her clients to educate them and help them be the best they can be by creating a plan that will work for the rest of their lives.

Carolyn’s Story

“I grew up in a loving home, but spent most of my childhood overeating with very little guidance except to say, “you are getting fat.” Between grades 2 to grade 7, I ended up weighing more than 170 lbs. My childhood obesity grew until my mother adopted a healthier lifestyle where we all started eating vegetables, fruits, protein and whole grains. I have experienced what it is like to hide your body, wear coats in 30 degree weather, not enjoy playing sports, or going swimming. Fast forward a few years – I went to university to get my degree in commerce and was blessed with my first child. I put my education on hold to raise a family, but luckily this led me to fitness as I could take my children with me while doing something I loved! My career has evolved into being the owner operator of Trainers personal training and rehabilitation facility then slowly migrating into a rehabilitation facility for Crossfit South Surrey. Today I no longer lease a building I bought one.

Helping others achieve their health and fitness goals has been a life-changing event for my clients and myself. I have worked along side physiotherapists, RMT’s and love working with clients who have stopped training due to some rehabilitation issue.  I am truly blessed to work in this community and help so many change their lives,

their success is my reward!”