This video we are working with tempo push

ups……Great job ladies


Warm up 

400 m run up hill 30 sec wall squats with thumbs sliding up and down wall 10-  S Leg deadlifts 10ps –  SLeg  good mornings  10 push ups with 2 second pause at bottom… rest as needed


5×5 – Press, pick one, strict, push, jerk 10 ps S L side step up on box


1000m Row, Then: 5 Rounds 10ps SLeg  Deadlifts (135/95)MW 30 Double Unders/100 SS Then, 800m Run


1000m Row, Then: 5 Rounds 10 S leg Deadlifts (155/115) 30 Double Unders Then, 800m Run * Single leg  Deadlifts are programmed at a lighter weight to encourage a higher tempo and lactate threshold/anaerobic effort, plus LESS OVERLOAD TO THE SPINE…..Don’t overload them!