Book today with Sheana for Phsyio and Emily for Massage!!

Training takes a toll on your body, regular upkeep is essential if you

want to stay away from injuries and overtraining. We have these

services at CFSS so we can train smarter.physio_large2

Warm up 2 -3 x

Incline Bench Press x 5

Warm up to challenging 5 and perform same weight across all 5 sets. Stack two or three bumper plates under the bench where your head goes, if bench does not incline.

EMOM x 8:

EVEN – Push Press x 6-8 – MW ODD – Strict Hanging Leg Raise to L x 8-12- just hang or knees to chest

Press from the rack if there are mobility restrictions or injuries.

EMOM x 10:

EVEN – 6 Strict Handstand Push Ups or tap shoulder Push Ups + 20 Double Unders or 40 Singles Skips ODD – 25 torso twists, kettle bell