Warm up 

10 medial raises

10 front raises

10 rear deltoid raises…. bent over 

10 banded circles 

10 dowel pulls in prone



PUSH UPS ANYONE ??  10 minutes of fun EMON do 3-4



  1. Find a perfect plank using a dowel and getting a 3 point contact
  2. Have hands aligned with your shoulders … now move slightly forward over your hands
  3. Have your arms in between a wide stance and a narrow stance
  4. Go down as low as you can with control, if you feel your are going to fall, stop and go to the ground
  5. Once on the ground, move up, if possible in a plank or a slightly broken plank (snake)…… Use a target to help
  6. Once you have your plank, shoulder forward of your fingers and a not too wide or narrow stance… go as close to the ground and back up
  7. Add weights for a even bigger challenge or a deceit




400m run
21 kbs (53/35)
12 pull ups




50 40 30 20 10 / Single skips is Double

Double Unders

Hollow rocks