Great example of a single leg DL, flat back and head in down keeping spine in

alignment ….Bosu can be used to add increased difficulty..  Great job Nick

Warm up

5 each position All fours elbow opener start at bottom then do 5 and start at the top of the move

8 x from all fours press back into down dog

6 ps single leg hip openers( standing on one leg open the other hip then back to starting pos.

5x each leg of below pic! …  Easier to snd photo that explain !!

weak skill

Pistols 10 minutes

start with SL box squats holding a weight plate

still holding weight plate squat down and single leg up

still holding weight plate squat down single leg back up double


Wod the Sevens  7 rounds

7 bent over Pendlay row , go into the dl position and pull bar up and 3 second down 1/1/3

7 bar over burpees

7 side to side push up on MB

2 min cardio, skip, bike row     10 sec of work 10 sec rest



8 ps SL bicep curls, hammer style to press

12 skull crushers in hollow rock 

medial, front and rear raises 10 each position