One of the great Obstacle at the tough mudder….

Love this shot  of Elmer helping

Vince over the wall… great team work!

Warm up 

10 ring rows 

2x duck walk 

10 ps banded cross body pulls in kneeling position… band attached high

10 ps banded cross body pulls in kneeling position … band attached  low 

10 x 30 reps total ..3 positions .banded walks bands above knee, ankle and feet 

run the down loop and come back and mobility for squat 


Front squat  5 4 3 2 1 1 1 …… do not drop the load … make sure you have a spotter !!!!!

ME  bicep grip ( supine) pull ups …. use you grips …squeeze that bar

stretch  quads and forearms 



Complete in any order:
1000m Row or run.. down loop 16 ave right on 160a to thrift and home
30 Renegade rows (35/25)… keep core tight 
40 weighted or naked bar land mine presses in lunge position 
50 banded  Front Squats (95/65)MW  deload