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With a fully licensed physiotherapist, a naturopathic physician (naturopathic doctor, naturopath, ND), owner and coaches trained by a world class olympic athlete, Christine Girard, why go anywhere else?

In business since 2005, Crossfit South Surrey comes to the community with a team of professionals

We offer over 85 years of combined experience in personal training, rehabilitation, Physiotherapist, Natural Path, nutrition counselling with eating plan, trained in PRI, Left (AIC and right BC patterns),youth programs, group crossfit classes for all ages. Our facility is a family fitness centre for all ages, where the competitor is yourself. Whether your goal is to excel at your sport, increase your self confidence, pain management, function better, lose fat or just be an athlete of life and getting in the best shape of your life without injury, we have something for you.

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Physiotherapy, Naturopath & Body mechanics and full assessment

At CFSS we believe physiotherapy, naturalpathic medicine and learning body mechanic and exercise go hand in hand.

As we age, our body is subtly adjusting and adapting to the various demands we place upon it. This is why we have on site physiotherapist and Dr of Naturopathic medicine to ensure your exercise program is designed to realistically fit your functional abilities, so your body is performing at it’s best. Carolyn ¬†offers from PRI, a full body assessment as everyone stands on their right side and the implications this can cause for pain management or movement.¬†

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