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Carolyn Collins

Owner / Operator of CrossFit South Surrey

Carolyn is a National Strength and Conditioning Coach-NSCA Level 1 and Level 2, Crossfit Kids and Movement and Mobility Coach, Sports Performance Specialist, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant and specializes in stretch therapy, trigger release and PNF. Carolyn has been mentored and worked alongside the gold medalist Christine Girard for 5 years and enjoys the benefit of learning Olympic lifts from a master.

Carolyn is passionate about working with her clients to educate them and help them be the best they can be by creating a plan that will work for the rest of their lives.



Book with Carolyn to get a Full Assessment to see if you have any Left AIC – RIGHT BC PATTERNS.


The Left AIC is a term established and founded by the Postural Restoration Institute that has gained popularity over the last few years. It’s been a game changer for my training and clients. It effectively explains how humans are naturally ASYMMETRICAL (different on both sides), and how this effects everyone.


Every human is naturally ASYMMETRICAL, (not the same on both sides), mainly due to standing and sitting on your right side and additionally, most of our organs are on the right side. Our brains are not symmetrical and research suggests the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body – this explains why most people are right handed.   Look around and see how people are standing. Look at the picture, this is what standing on your right side looks like.

           WHY SHOULD I CARE?

Standing or sitting on your right side for a majority of your life will likely cause pain down the road. Symptoms you may experience could be pain involving the knee, hip, groin, sacral-iliac joint, back, top of shoulders, between the shoulder blades, neck, face or TMJ. It causes inability to fully extend, adduct or flex. This could affect both sides or one side of the body.

I got started down this path of Left AIC and Right BC patterns because COVID-19 had debilitated my client. I accompanied my client twice to her Osteopath in Vancouver, B.C.  There was a chart on the wall I noticed and asked “Is this up for us?”, he replied “No it’s for everyone!”.

I was shocked because I had never heard about this from any health care practitioner(s), teacher(s), or any of the courses I have taken in my 20+ years of experience. I realized by not understanding this concept that I would not be able to help my client(s) reach their true potential…EVER!  I went home and embarked 9 month Body restoration and mechanics course, which was the most difficult one I have ever completed! I was using Symmetrical training techniques (meaning training both sides of the body the same way) when in reality, one side of the body needs one thing and the other side needs the opposite.  SEE CHART. Now working with health care practitioners is so much more effective. 

Once I knew more I was able to start prioritizing workouts in a manner tailored differently for each client, and show them new ways to sit and stand, etc. outside of the gym.  All of my clients have become more functional and experience less pain – often in a matter of weeks.





Not everyone has problems being in LEFT AIC or RIGHT BC patterns, but eventually it may become a painful issue.  It depends on lifestyle and how you sit and stand. No need to fix what’s not broken, but preventive tips for future health and symmetry will be happily offered.




 corrective exercise to become more symmetric I  have had 85% of my clients feel better. 

This is the most rewarding and greatest path I am on…. to help others!  I LOVE MY JOB! 

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Hanging in the Osteopath’s Office is this chart:

Short and Tight                                     Long and Weak

R Inner Hamstring                                   L Inner Hamstring

L Hip Flexor/Quad                                  R Hip Flexor/Quad

R Groin/Add/IR                                      L Groin/Add/IR

L Glutes ER                                            R Glutes ER

R Obliques                                             L Obliques

As you can see, the Right and Left Side are opposing. Training in a conventional way will not result in any pain relief or better body mechanics. In order to properly train you need to know what to Strengthen (as it’s a Weak Long Muscle) and what to Stretch (as it’s a Short Tight Muscle).

FOR EXAMPLE:   a Deadlift working your hamstrings. Your LEFT SIDE is benefiting as its LONG AND WEAK. However, your RIGHT SIDE is not benefitting because its already SHORT AND TIGHT.

Therefore more REPS have to be done on the left side. 

Consider booking with Carolyn for Personal Training, which can include a full assessment to see if the above Chart applies to you in any way. Through breathing, stretching the body from the inside out, and doing asymmetrical  exercise to musculature that may need it,I have helped most of my clients!






  • National Strength and Conditioning Coach, NSCA
  • CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2
  • CrossFit Kids
  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility
  • Olympic lifting with Mike Bergener and on going with Christine Girard, gold Olypmic medalist since 2012
  • Sports Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Consulting
  • Trigger Release, PNF stretch and Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Workshop Presenter and Educator with over 25 years experience in the fitness industry
Fun Time Activities
  • Being with my 3 children and hubby doing anything!
  • Hanging out with my friends and my family wodding, boating, skiing and travelling.
A Few Things That Inspire Me
  • My family and friends who push me to do better and are there for me when I am not there for myself!
  • My clients who work so hard to change and do it!
  • Working with members, kids, teens and adults and knowing that I have helped a few people everyday be pain free, fat free, increase athleticism and build self confidence.
  • Watching the amazing athletic changes from the kids, tween, teen and their fitness level increase, all with big smiles on their faces!
  • Biggest thing is to help someone in pain or achieve in their minds the unachievable …like a rope climb, beginner mud run, more mobility, less pain, great eating plan. I love to take the guess work out of peoples lives so they can focus on the other things…. LOVE MY JOB!!!

Rachel Hendry

CrossFit Coach / Kinesiologist / Personal Trainer
  • Bachelor’s of Kinesiolgy Degree
  • Registered Nurse
  • Early Childhood
  • Education Certificate
  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach
  • CSEP Certified Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • NCCP Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching
Fun Time Activities
  • Training/ competing in Olympic Lifting
  • Hanging out with my friends and my family
  • Hiking
  • Boating
A Few Things That Inspire Me
  • Working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds and helping them achieve their goals whether it be strength, overall health, fat loss, or become pain free
  • Watching people accomplish their fitness goals and knowing I was a part of that!
  • My family and friends who believe in me and push me to be the best version of myself
  • When clients/ individuals are willing to give it everything they have, no excuses
  • When people push through obstacles, physical or emotional, to achieve their goal!

Phaedra Banks

Personal Trainer/Crossfit Level 1
  • Registered BCRPA personal trainer
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Countless training session with world renown Olympic lifter and gold and bronze medalist Christine Girard.
Fun Time Activities
  • Crossfit
  • Taking care of my nieces and nephew
  • Hiking, races, biking
  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Drawing/Painting
  • Living healthier after losing over 100 pounds is my life
A Few Things That Inspire Me
  • Watching others PR and try things outside their comfort zone
  • People actively trying to live a healthier lifestyle
  • My friends and family who have helped and supported me through my weight loss journey
    *Couldn’t have done it without them*
  • When people push through obstacles, physical or emotional, to achieve their goal!

Jasmin Kim

Soon to be a Doctor of Naturopathic medicine / Crossfit Coach Level 1 / Kinesiologist
  • Doctor of  Naturopathic Medicine
  • BSc & MSc of Kinesiology
  • CrossFit level 1
  • NCCP Level 1: Volleyball Coach
  • First Aid with CPR-HCP
Fun Time Activities
  • Volleyball
  • Crossfit
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Being in nature!
  • Backpacking and camping
  • Cooking and eating
  • Hanging out with friends and family
  • Playing the ukulele
A Few Things That Inspire Me

I find that I am inspired by almost everyone around me! No matter their achievements or experiences, I appreciate people who show up and try their best:

  • People who step out of their comfort zone to try new things
  • Athletes who work hard to meet their goals
  • Elderly people who don’t let their age act as a barrier to achieving their fitness goals!


Personal Trainer/CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Fun Time Activities
  • Crossfit
  • Beach walks and going to parks with my 2 girls
  • British TV shows 
  • Puzzles and Board games at the cabin
  • Sunday morning family pancakes
  • Travel and family vacations 
A Few Things That Inspire Me
  • The fun and energy of group fitness
  • When members try a new gymnastics skill or Hit a new PR
  • Good, loud Music
  • When people give it their all in a workout
  • Overcoming obstacles and proving people wrong, yes you can do it

Sheana Lehigh


Sheana graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2003 with her Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. Since then, she has been working full-time in private practice. Sheana has also studied physiotherapy in New Zealand, has worked as a physiotherapist in the United Kingdom, and has worked part-time in hospital settings.

Sheana has a special clinical interest in chronic/persistent pain, orthopaedic, manual and sports physiotherapy. Sheana has obtained her IMS certification and her Diploma of Advanced Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy, and she focuses much of her current continuing education endeavors on the treatment of chronic/persistent pain.

Sheana has been a competitive ballet and modern dancer since she was five years old and now she also enjoys yoga, hiking, skiing, biking, and swimming. Sheana is also a clinical placement instructor for physiotherapy students, and she is a mentor for internationally educated physiotherapists.

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Phone: (604) 644-6962

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Summer Skarich

  • CrossFit level 1
  • Soon completing my Personal Training Certification
Fun Time Activities
  • Soccer
  • Crossfit
  • Volleyball
  • Any boating activity (wakeboarding, surfing, water skiing)
  • Being in nature (hikes, camping, walks)
  • Travelling and exploring
  • Hanging out with friends and family
  • Painting
A Few Things That Inspire Me

I find that I am inspired by almost everyone around me! It amazes me how much you learn every single day from every experience and opportunity that presents itself. You can really do anything you set your mind to; believe you can and see results!

  • Competition inspires me as it increases productivity and encourages new ideas. It pushes me past boundaries you may not have thought you could overcome.
  • My family and friends who believe in me and push me to be the best version of myself.
  • Traveling and being able to see the beauty in the World through art, nature and Culture.
  • When people push through obstacles, physical or emotional, to achieve their goals.
  • Building relationships with clients through loyalty and trust and being able to guide them seamlessly through the process of buying or selling Real Estate. Buying or Selling Real Estate is a life changing event for many and being able to share that experience with my clients is very rewarding.
Crossfit South Surrey-Sonia Herrewig Physiotherapist

Sonia Herrewig

CrossFit Coach / CrossFit Kids Coach
  • BA Physical Education
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Crossfit Mobility
  • National Strength and Conditioning Coach, NSCA
  • ACE Certified
  • Stretch Therapy and Monkey Gym
  • Rehabilitation and Nutrition
Fun Time Activities
  • Adventure Races
  • Volleyball
  • Skiing
Fun Time Activities
  • Clients at every age who lay it all out when they work out
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Competition
  • My kids excited about anything and everything that I can do
  • Being better

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Crossfit South Surrey addresses all these above issues and caters to the average person, coming in to meet other like minded people and have a positive experience – fully assessed, and guided in nutrition, fat loss, learning lifts and having fun with crossfit wods but don’t want to compete on a larger scale.