After filling out detailed personal documents, our next step is a sit down consultation, which will pinpoint your sabotage behaviours getting in the way of you having your ideal body. I will them write an eating plan, which is not a diet but the way you eat for the rest of your life, and a weekly exercise plan. The eating plan will give you tools, portion control and will eliminate sugar cravings and replace them with healthy carbs. Weigh ins are every 4 weeks and you will have constant support from the CFSS community and Coaches.
Learn how to turn your fat cells off and the importance of weight training for fat loss (as opposed to excessive cardio).

Using a step by step approach to eating will help you reach your desirable body fat percentage and maintain or increase your lean muscle mass. Exercise, lifestyle changes, and education will change your life once and for all.

  • Learn a realistic approach to changing lifestyle behaviours
  • Solutions to permanently outsmart your fat cells
  • Pinpoint your sabotage behaviours
  • Set realistic goals based on the findings from the questionnaires
  • The ultimate goal is to reduce fat and maintain or increase lean muscle mass, which is metabolically active tissue that burns fat. the size of your fat cells
  • The more muscle you have the faster your metabolic rate
    muscle is dense tissue which weighs more than fat
  • Lose 1 pound of fat and gain 1 pound of muscle and become a smaller person

The ultimate reward of fat loss is serious business. The weight related side effects of such diseases as cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, gallbladder disease and joint problems can shorten your lifespan by years. Two leading causes of death for women are heart disease and breast cancer and mortality rates are on the rise. A healthy lifestyle will be key in reducing your risk of both of these diseases. Being overweight and sedentary can increase the risk of dying from a heart attack by as much as 50%. Outsmarting your fat cells could cut your risk in half.



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Pilates derives its name from its originator, Joseph H. Pilates, who developed a unique approach to physical conditioning back in the early 1900s. Stott Pilates is the branch of Pilates-based methods, founded by Moria Stott, former dancer, who studied in New York with Romana Kryzanowska, one of Pilates original students. Carolyn has been trained in the Pilates technique and discipline by Heather Low, a student of Moria Stott.
The Stott approach ensures that each exercise is executed in an anatomically correct way. aexercises are performed using a neutral spine as we all live in neutral, and a clear emphasis on stabilization of the lumbar spine, pelvis, and shoulders girdle. Learn how to use your pelvic floor muscle properly to achieve a flatter stomach, strong back and improved posture.

Carolyn has taught Pilates for over 10 years and finds that everyone of her clients have amazing core strength and stamina. Pilates benefits everyone elite level athletes to post-rehabilitation.

  • Benefits of Pilates:
  • Improve posture
  • Flatten your stomach
  • Lose fat and trimmer waist
  • Reduce back pain
  • Body becomes firmer and sleeker
  • Achieve increased core stress and stamina
  • May regain lost height due to spine lengthening to it natural height
  • Exercise is easily modified to fit all fitness levels.

Pilates works all aspects and angles of your core, through the 6 principles:

  1. Concentration – using the right muscles to perform the move.
  2. Control – all moves are performed with control.
  3. Centering – using your powerhouse, abdominals, back and buttocks.
  4. Flowing movements- avoid stiff or jerky movements which heightens risk of injury.
  5. Precision – all movements are coordinated and performed with control.
  6. Breathing – most people only use a small %of their lung capacity, it is essential to learn to breathe fully which improves circulation, carries away waste products, improves fatigue, muscle soreness and ineffective abdominal muscle contractions that may create a potbelly.

Becoming a successful athlete takes hard work, desire and a well designed training program. Whether you are a novice or a professional, Crossfit South Surrey has conditioning programs and classes that increase overall athletic performance and abilities with programs tailored to youth and adults.
Included protocols for Athletic Conditioning success:

  • Start with body weight before resistance training
  • Train in a standing position – ground level where the majority of the sport is played
  • Train with free weights – as machines limit the range of motion and controls the move
  • Use multiple joints – your body works as a group not in isolation, there is no true isolation exercise
  • Train with explosiveness – as it closely resembles what happens in sports and life
  • Train unilaterally and multi-planar – majority of sports takes place in all 3 planes simultaneously with primary unilateral movements
  • Use variations and all primary methods to develop strength – loads and training stimulus need to be progressively and periodically changed, think outside the box getting out of the gym
  • Use extensions – explosive triple extension (ankle, knee and hip) is a valuable element when training athletes
  • Avoid overworking skills – only minimally improve strength and tend to affect the mechanics of the technique and result in overuse and injuries
  • Balance out pushing, pulling, horizontal and vertical planes to balance loading of muscle groups
  • Train the antagonist – speed of an action is determined by the ability of the antagonists to eccentrically decelerate the joint action and prevent joint injury, need to train deceleration to train acceleration

Evaluating faulty movement patterns, working with limitations and designing a safe strength training program that results in an athlete’s success is essential.

Private, one on one training is the best way to get started. We begin with a sit down consultation to establish your fitness level, any problem areas and your personal goals.

During the consultation we will establish a longterm Monday to Sunday exercise and nutrition plan, while pinpointing any lifestyle behaviors getting in the way of your health and wellness. Then, we hit the gym to execute your custom exercise program and teach you how to safely complete proper movement patterns.

Each of our programs are designed with a safe, step-by-step approach. Since your body’s ligaments, tendons, connective tissue and muscles all adapt at a different rate, we progress slowly to ensure no over training or injuries.

Semi-private starts off the same as privates. You will have individual consultations before you begin training together. Your programs may look different as everyone has different needs and abilities. Semi-private is a great way to stay motivated by having a partner to share the training experience and fee!

If you desire at any point not to do one on one’s or semi-privates and want to start attending classes, there is no problem integrating you into group classes. Classes are great as the you can get an extra day of training in a small group setting and still feel like you are getting a personal training experience at a great cost savings. I encourage participants to drop in and take a class and enjoy the energizing, motivating dynamics of a group. This class will look and feel like a personal training experience!