Neck or shoulder issues NO OVERHEAD moves 


band mobilize 

3 rds 

8 ps S L DL Meb ball pick up 

8 ps banded pull and push 

10 ps banded side planks with external rotation .. small weights 3-10lbs


Strength or skill

Split Jerk from rack   look back in your books from last week and go up FRONT SQUAT

4 4 4 2 2

alt or rest with

10 V-Sits

WOD #1

Partner WODS:

7 minute AMRAP:

7 Synchro split  hang cleans 95/65
run 200 m
7 Synchro hang snatch 95/65   KETTLEBELL swings 

WOD #2

7 minute AMRAP:

7 Synchro Med ball push ups side to side
row 20/15 cals
7ps  Synchro S leg bicep curls (full curl )

Finisher 2-3 x 

warm up