Phae, our inspiration weight loss success story at

Crossfit South Surrey

Phae journey started 3 years ago weighing 263 lb and today she has finally got to the 150’s on the scale! Congrats Phae, this came with hard work, dedication, sweat, tears and drive!! Phae has the push from her coaches and all her crossfit family supporting her and others like Phae to keep going……Phae follows my eating plan, which is not a DIET but a lifestyle change and does Crossfit regularly.

Phae is a true inspiration that YES even at 263 pounds, when it seems hopeless……. it can be done…… Phae’s next goal is to have a total of 106 lb weight loss which is what her sister weighs……stay tuned for the next update……..



Strength – front squats and deadlifts happieness Alternate, clean the bar to start your front squats 10 DL 10 front squats 12 DL 8 front squats 16 DL 6 front squats 18 DL 4 front squats 20 Dl 2 front squats …… parnter up or work with me “Lynne” E2MOM for 20min ALT between ME Benchpress ME Pull-ups   SCALED WOD USE MANAGEABLE WEIGHT