This is Janice perfecting her snatch at Christine Girard’s

workshop on Saturday !! Great job Janice, that is not

how your snach looked like when you came in amazing

finished product!

Warm up 

Christine Girard’s warm up for snatch


5 high jumps before starting to check high then 2 snatch  jump Slow to hang position   1 Hang clean 1  snatch  jump Slow to hang position   2 Hang cleans 1  snatch  jump Slow to hang position   3 Hang cleans 2 hang snatch Jump slow to hang position  2 Hang cleans


800m Run 10-1  ladder  Thrusters (95/65) Pull Ups 1000m Row or Shwinn assault bike  Then 4 rds  8 ps Staggered stance RDL  10 ps alternate with side plank clams