Trophy winners from last week julia and Kali, plus celebrating our amazing coach and friend Sonia doing her bday sled pull! Fun was had by all!!!!


Teams of 2

In 35 minutes Wall ball in always in play today, while partner A does their work partner B holds ball and vise versa drop it and it’s 30 burpees….only exception is when doing 1 min of burpees (Comp & Fitness) 400m Run with mb passes 60 Wallballs 14/20 30 Pull-ups 1 min of burpees JUMPING OVER PARTNER Scaled down wod 400m Run with mb passes 60 Wallballs @ manageable weight 30 Pull-ups, rings 1 min of burpees, don’t go all the way down, STEP OVER PARTNER Run together. Divide work evenly with one athlete working at a time. Score is total Burpees.


EMOM for 12 minutes