Five 4-minute rounds with a one minute rest in between rounds- Rounds 1, 3, and 5:   One partner starts off doing a front rack lunge/shoulder to overhead (54/95) ladder (1 lunge/1 shoulder press, 2 lunges/2 shoulder press, etc.) while the other partner holds a plank.   They continue until either the plank fails or the barbell is dropped, then they switch roles. After both have completed one go at the ladder they both do a 50 meter 1-arm farmer carry (35/45# DB), if there is remaining time they can start new lunge/SOH ladders but can push press instead of shoulder press. Round 2: Tabata KBS (35/53) Round 4: Tabata med-ball cleans (14/20) Score: The finishing rung of each ladder is scored, i.e. if a partner finished on 3 lunges and 3 shoulder press they would score 3 points, plus the low round rep totals of each Tabata.