IMG_8408(Partner WOD) MED BALL IS IN PLAY THE EXTIRE TIME!!!! 2 person team complete, for time: 1600m Med Ball Run(Together) 100 Thruster Ball Tosses(20/14#)(Alt) 100 Box Jumps(30/24″)(Alt) HOLD MED BALL FOR EACH OTHER 100 torso twists/ Med Ball Toss(alt) 1600m Med Ball Run(Together) *This workout will be done as a two person team. The runs will be completed together and the Med Ball must be carried the entire time. The Thrusters with the med ball toss will be done by facing your partner, completing a truster and tossing the med ball to your partner. The box jumps must be alternating, 1 team member completes 1 rep and then the 2nd team member completes 1 rep and so on until 100 reps are reached. The torso twists will once again be alternating, and the teammates will be tossing the ball between each other after completing a sit-up. Scale the weight of the Med Balls as needed. THE MED BALL CAN NOT BE DROPPED AT ALL OR BOTH TEAM MATES DO 10 BURPEES!!! fun fun fun