Figure out where you are in the learning process… if you have never skipped before start at singles… Never did a HSPU start flutter kicks and wall walks, Never did a pull up before start hanging from the bar doing lats pull and then beat swings. Recipe for success… DON’T START AT THE END GAME…. Start in the beginning and PRACTISE ,PRACTISE ,PRACTISE !  Remember peeps that rock these advanced skills have put the time in to master them and you will too!


CHOOSE  A WEAK SKILL from below or do something else.

Pull up.. start parallel grip, bicep grip, prone grip … add jumps, bent arms or bands for assistance, use a negative down of 3-5 sec.

Skipping .… 100 SS, 100 alt, 100 right, 100 left, 100 high knees, jump jump big jump, jump jump double under, string them together.  Keep body tight, arms at side and use your wrists for rotation not your shoulders.

T2Bar … start beat swing, emphasis on pushing down and only using shoulders, THEN knee to elbows, once they touch your golden… extend legs and tough bar…..KNEES to ELBOW is needed to maintain your swing 🙂

HSPU... start with bench flutter kick, wall walks, then turn away from wall and get up.   Then start getting body very tight and using matts for a target.

12 MIN EMOM  30 second ON and 30 seconds OFF

DO 2-3 reps and wait for the next minute, EG. T2B do 2-3 x, D/U do jump jump big jump or D/U 5 x


MetCon 5 rds

2 min bike, 10 sec sitting 10 seconds standing

100 m farmers carry or for fun partner carry

400 m run with mb toss