weak skill 

How is the pull up and HSPU or regular pushups going?  Feeling confident? Move on to the next level in your skill or do your own WEAK SKILL.


Throwdown action 2018 event 2 (b)


 18-12-6 Triplet…….synchro…   15 min time cap


6 Rounds for time of the following

18 Calorie Row

12 Toes To Bar

6 Hand Stand Push Ups/Push press 95/65



-partner up

-first partners will do a full round come back tag the next partners into the next round

-the first pair will do HSPU the second pair will do Push Press this will stay the same throughout the whole workout

-row must be completed by both athletes before they move on

-TTB and HSPU(Push press) must be sync at the top and bottom of each rep

-the row will count up but must be reset each round

-the start of the HSPU is at the top of the HS

-rec athletes will have an abmat under there head for HSPU